Rapid Prototyping


What is Visual Prototype?

The visual/appearance prototype helps to demonstrate the final product’s shape, size, color, and texture. Such a visual-touch component takes on the real product’s look and feel. If a concept prototype is like a rough 3D sketch, a visual prototype is like a realistic 3D rendering. Often, the latter aids product demonstration, combining aesthetics and functionality. It also shows product viability before market entry.

Commercial Value of Appearance Prototype

Appearance prototype aids presentations to stakeholders, including leadership, customers, and investors, or for trade shows and marketing photos to procure product licenses. It also builds interaction with customers on focus tests, product expectations, and assesses their reaction to a product’s early design phase.

The Best Solution for Your Appearance Prototype

Choose 3D printing? Or CNC prototype? No matter what you need, DADESIN provides top-notch prototyping technology for business support. From CAD data to a physical prototype delivered quickly to you and your team. A full team of engineers and project managers are available to oversee design, aesthetics, and functionality validation.

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