Low-Volume Manufacturing Service


What Is Low-Volume Manufacturing

Low volume manufacturing is a rapid production method that precedes full-scale production, ranging from 100 to 100000 units. It does not require investment in expensive production tools, but reduces risk, allows design flexibility, shortens time-to-market, and creates opportunities for production cost savings. Additionally, it provides agility and quick turnaround for on-demand manufacturing in the supply chain.

How To Process Low-Volume Manufacturing

What is the secret to low volume manufacturing success? Is there a difference in the types of raw materials that are used, the way that they’re processed, or the quality of the finished product?

Our clients are concerned that low-volume manufacturing doesn’t mean compromising quality or precision when compared to full production manufacturing. Rest assured that when we process lower volume orders we use the same materials, the same equipment, and the same rigorous quality control. 

How do we do it? We’re experts in high-mix, low volume production because our systems are optimized to be scalable, from one part to a million. That means we have a robust supply chain of raw materials so you won’t be burdened with minimum order volume restrictions. And we have a digital manufacturing platform that ties all of our equipment together into a single network. That allows us to allocate resources quickly and efficiently between work centers in order to process even complex orders fast.

Not sure which small batch manufacturing service is suitable for you? Please contact us, we can provide more suitable information for you.

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