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In DADESIN, we use advanced imported equipment to provide you with various CNC processing services, including milling and turning of various materials, drilling, tapping, EDM (electric discharge machining) and wire EDM. Our experienced technical engineers combine professional processing experience to ensure that each CNC product reflects the best quality.

Company strength analysis:

1.Germany GROB, the leader of the world's 5-axis universal machining center, which enjoys a high reputation in the automotive industry.

Whether it is the aerospace industry, machinery manufacturing industry, tool and mold industry, automobile industry, medical engineering industry or energy industry, it is the stage for the performance of GROB 5-axis linkage general processing center, which can provide the best processing solutions for all materials.


2. 2.1 Swiss GF 5-axis machining center famous for its delicacy and precision;

    2.2 Beijing Jingdiao 5-axis machining center with full closed-loop control technology is suitable for processing precision parts and complex hardware parts, providing higher technical support for your precision parts processing.


3. HAAS processing center imported from the United States


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