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The motorcycle industry is booming, and more and more people are beginning to know about this industry. Better motorcycles require higher-quality spare parts to ensure the performance of the vehicle while reducing the probability of accidents. At the same time, many people like to personalize their rides, such as replacing stylish parts to differentiate their motorcycles, the unique upgrades can bring you more attention. Dadesin has rich processing experience, can realize the production of high-quality parts and fashionable parts quickly, so that your products will be favored by more people.


Machinable motorcycle parts

Machinable motorcycle parts


Motorcycle wheels take up a large proportion of the body, therefore, they attract more attention. Properly customized wheels with proper surface treatment will enhance the aesthetics of the motorcycle.

Machinable motorcycle parts

The Heart of A Motorcycle

Engine is called the heart of the vehicle and is the most critical part of the vehicle. Engine parts of motorcycle often require high-precision designs for stable operation. The preferred machining technique for cylinder heads, camshafts and pistons in engines is CNC turning.

Machinable motorcycle parts

Motorcycle Lights

Motorcycle lights bring light to the rider in the dark, illuminating the way forward. The light is a complex part, and a custom light consists of a bulb, lens and shade. Lenses and shades are key custom parts.

Machinable motorcycle parts

Custom Exterior Parts

The side panels, fenders, fuel tank covers, and hoods of motorcycles can all be customized, but due to the complex and changeable shapes, casting often cannot meet the needs of fine machining. CNC 5-axis machining is the first choice for custom parts, and it can machine any complex shape.

Process Optional

Machinable motorcycle parts

Rapid Prototyping

Allows you to validate your design and make necessary improvements in the shortest possible time to achieve better results

Machinable motorcycle parts

CNC Machining

Whether it is performance parts or appearance parts, CNC machining can perfectly realize your creativity, especially 5-axis machining

Machinable motorcycle parts

Sheet Metal Fabrication

some metal appearance parts can be realized by sheet metal fabrication, which can save a lot of material costs and processing time

Surface Treatment

Machinable motorcycle parts


While increasing the density and thickness of motorcycle parts, it also brings a unique color to motorcycle parts

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Machinable motorcycle parts

Powder Coating

More materials than anodizing, and more colors can be configured, but the accuracy cannot be fully controlled

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Machinable motorcycle parts


Not suitable for small parts and high precision components, provides a consistent surface finish and aesthetic appeal to the part

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Machinable motorcycle parts

Rapid Prototyping

Reduce design risk and accelerate development by rapid prototyping in shorter time and at lower cost.

Machinable motorcycle parts

Advanced Equipment

We have advanced high precision equipment like Germany GROB 5 axis machine, Swiss GF Mikron 5 axis machine, China Jingdiao 5 axis machine and US Haas 4 axis machine, tolerance down to +/-0.0015 mm.

Machinable motorcycle parts

Flexibility Production

From prototype to low-volume, or even mass production, to enable more diverse and customized auto features tailored for the modern driver.

Machinable motorcycle parts

Quality Assurance

Use ZEISS CMM to conduct comprehensive inspection of each workpiece and issue inspection reports to ensure that the geometry of each part is exactly as designed.

Service Process

Machinable motorcycle parts

Customize FAQ

  • Can DADESIN make design drawings?

    We provide suggestions to improve drawings, but do not provide design service. We accept 3D CAD files in STL, STEP or IGES format, 2D drawings with reference dimensions in AI/CAD/PDF/JPG format. We must receive complete manufacturing information as part of this technical documentation.

  • Is DADESIN a real factory?

    YES, DADESIN established since 2006, we now have production sites with a total area of more than 86,000 square feet. Welcome to visit us, we will pick up you at the airport or from your hotel.

  • Will my designs be kept confidential?

    DADESIN has a strict confidentiality system and confidentiality software, all the drawings cannot be opened by anyone without authorization; NDA can be signed to ensure the safety of your designs.

  • How can you guarantee the delivery time?

    DADESIN owns 200+ sets of processing machines and 150+ skillful staff to ensure your order on schedule.

  • How does Star Rapid ensure the quality of my parts?

    --Once your order is confirmed, we will perform a full Design for Manufacturing (DFM) review to point out any issues that our engineers feel may affect the quality of your parts.
    --All incoming materials are inspected and verified with a suite of testing equipment.
    --Final inspection reports before shipment.
    --We have the ability to share inspection data with you in real-time so we can work together to address any quality issues you may have during production.

Representative Customer Case Display

Machinable motorcycle parts

EV Motor Housing

  • Services:CNC milling, polishing
  • Material:Aluminum 6061
  • Quantity:20

The Product

The motor housing is a critical component of the electric vehicle. It must be strong enough to withstand the high torque and heat generated by the motor, while still being lightweight enough to not add too much to the overall weight of the vehicle.

Machinable motorcycle parts

Material Inspection

As we do with all of our projects, we double-checked that the incoming raw material marked as “AL 6061” was exactly that.

Machinable motorcycle parts

CNC Milling

This part was machined from aluminum alloy 7075 using 5-axis CNC milling. The part was designed as a form prototype, which allowed us to quickly iterate on styling, fit and function. We then used our extensive experience with low volume production runs in order to optimize tooling and make sure each part would be as cost-effective as possible for our client.


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