Rapid Prototyping

Equipment: We have a number of supporting CNC processing production lines to realize the integration of production and achieve high-efficiency production.

Advantages: Verify the feasibility of product design before mass production with low cost and fast time.

Processing technology: Silicone molding, 3D printing, small batch vacuum molding, low pressure perfusion, etc. There are a variety of processes and a large number of colors to choose from.

Features: Compared with real products, it has a high degree of simulation, and truthfully reflects the designer's creativity and ideas.

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CNC Machining

  • 200+ sets of high precision CNC machining centers.
  • Processing technology: Turning and milling.
  • Equipped with 0.0017mm detection accuracy instrument.
  • 50+ skillful and experienced engineers and operators.
  • Annual capacity exceeds 1 million.
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Custom 5-axis Machining

  • Professional high precision 5-axis machining centers from GROB, +GF+ and JINGDIAO.
  • Equipped with 0.0017mm detection accuracy instrument.
  • The machining accuracy is 0.002mm
  • Applications cover automotive, medical, industrial and other fields
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Surface Finishing

  • Professional R&D team and standard workshops
  • Various of service: anodizing, powder coating, painting, PVD, passivation, laser engraving, silkscreen printing, electroplating, sandblasting, etc.
  • Environmental protection automatic oxidation lines.
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Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • The automatic feeding project has been realized, and the machining accuracy is less than 0.02mm.
  • Professional R&D team and standard workshops.
  • Modern production equipment and comprehensive quality management system
  • The product can be made up to 3000mm
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