R & D and Quality Control

Quality Control Team

DADESIN has a professional quality team with more than 40 quality inspectors, including incoming material inspectors, In-process inspectors and delivery inspectors, which can control the quality of all links and ensure the whole process traceability of the realization process of parts.

DADESIN always follows the PDCA cycle, analyzes and solves problems step by step, uses professional production technology and management system, continuously carries out quality improvement and innovation, and fully participates in lean production and refined management to meet the actual needs of customers

R & D and Quality Control

Engineers Team

DADESIN has an independent R&D center and strives to meet every expectation of customers with superb engineering R&D capabilities.

We have more than 50 experienced technicians including micro design engineers, process engineers, tooling engineers and NC programmers. Our technical R&D personnel are ingenious and keep improving.

From the design end to the realization of production, we not only consider the use of functions, but also fully consider the feasibility of manufacturing, and provide manufacturing solutions with lower cost, shorter cycle and higher quality to meet or even exceed customer needs.

Detection Proces

Incoming Material Inspection


As the first level of quality management, we carry out standard inspection of purchased raw materials, and batch management of physical objects for traceability; we will also conduct component testing, chemical properties, hardness and other inspections, and judge whether they meet the requirements Quality standards for raw materials.


In order to meet the requirements of international environmental protection, we require suppliers to provide RoHS, MSDS, SGS certificates for each batch of materials, and regularly conduct service capability assessments on qualified suppliers.


At Dadesin, we have advanced material testing equipment and analyzers to conduct reliability identification of all purchased raw materials to ensure that the products you receive are fully compliant.


Strive to find and control quality problems at the forefront, reduce quality costs, and avoid substandard materials from affecting product quality.

Shipping Quality Inspection

R & D and Quality Control

In order to ensure that the product fully meets the shipping standards, careful measurement, inspection, and testing are the processes that every product must go through. Multiple measurements, inspections, to ensure that the product you receive fully meets your quality standards.

R & D and Quality Control

Quality inspection not only relies on advanced testing equipment, but also needs to focus on cultivating the quality awareness of each employee. When carrying out each production process, pay attention to quality inspection and control to ensure that quality problems are found in time, analyze problems, and take action as the basis to solve quality problems.

R & D and Quality Control

Measuring Equipment

  • Measuring Equipment


  • HITACHI-Spectroradiometer

    Mitutoyo-Roughness Gauge

  • Mitutoyo-Roughness Gauge



    Rational- VMS

  • Rational- VMS




R & D and Quality Control

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