Copper CNC Machining

Copper CNC Machining

Offering top-of-the-line copper CNC machining services with fast turnaround times.

Whether you need quick-turn prototypes or high-volume production parts, we've got you covered. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485, and AS9100D certified.

CNC Machine for Copper

Copper is a versatile and widely used metal known for its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. It's a reddish-brown element with the chemical symbol Cu and atomic number 29 on the periodic table. Commercially available copper is typically more than 99% pure. The remaining 1% is usually impurities such as oxygen, lead, or silver.

For CNC machining purposes, Copper's outstanding electrical and thermal conductivity makes it an excellent choice for precision components and parts, especially those requiring good electrical or thermal conductivity. CNC machining of copper allows for the creation of intricate designs and shapes that cater to specific industrial needs.

Why Choose Dadesin for Copper CNC Machining Services

Strict Quality Management

Our inspection instruments include German Zeiss CMM, Wanhao image measuring instrument, Hitachi handheld spectrometer, Mitutoyo roughness measuring instrument, etc.

Our Certification

Dadesin was full certificated by ISO9001:2015, IATF16949:2016.

fast Delivery

Dadesin has 200+ sets of high precision CNC machining centers and we can take your project from engineering design to delivery faster than our competitors.

Quality Assurance

Full inspection service for all projects.

Copper Materials Properties

Copper is a versatile and widely used metal with several notable material properties that make it valuable across various industries.

Copper C110
Copper C101

Copper C110 Properties

Copper C110, also known as Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) copper, is a high-quality grade of copper that exhibits excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, making it ideal for various applications requiring these properties.

Tensile Strength, Yield (MPa) Fatigue Strength (MPa) Elongation at Break (%) Hardness (Brinell) Density (g/cm^3)
76 76 54 57 8.89

Copper C101 Properties

Copper C101, 99.99% pure, also known as Oxygen-Free Electronic (OFE) copper, is a copper alloy with excellent conductivity and high corrosion resistance and toughness.

Tensile Strength, Yield (MPa) Fatigue Strength (MPa) Elongation at Break (%) Hardness (Brinell) Density (g/cm^3)
69 to 365 90 55 81 8.89 to 8.94

Copper At a Glance

Application Copper applications include heat exchangers, radiators, valves, and electrical connectors.
Advantages Thermally conductive, electrically conductive, corrosion-resistant
Weaknesses Costly, Can be difficult to machine
Lead Time Minimum 3 days; longer for complex or internationally manufactured parts
Price $$$
Tolerances Machining tolerances depend on the copper used. However, a tolerance of 0.005” (0.13mm) is generally achievable.
Wall Thickness Minimum 0.80 mm (~0.03”); may vary depending on the ratio of wall thickness to planar dimension.
Max part size 200 x 80 x 100 cm

Custom Copper Parts

Communication equipment housing

Communication equipment housing

Aluminum housing

Aluminum housing

CNC aluminum housing

CNC aluminum housing

Vehicle part

Vehicle part

Aluminum alloy motor housing cover

Aluminum alloy motor housing cover


Finishes and Post-Processing Options

When selecting the best finish option for your copper parts, consider factors such as the intended use, aesthetics, maintenance requirements, and the level of protection needed.

Polishing: Polishing copper to a high shine creates a luxurious and reflective surface. This finish is often used for decorative items, jewelry, and high-end products where aesthetics play a significant role.

Electroplating: Copper parts can be electroplated with various metals, such as nickel or chromium, help prevent oxidation of its outer surface while maintaining electrical and thermal conductivity. This can also provide a wide range of color options.

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Our in-house equipment includes 5-axis mills with edge finding equipment, ZEISS CMMs, Olympus XRF analyzers, and a range of cutting tools for efficient chip removal. We can guarantee the aluminum alloy will be the exact material that you need for your project and can ensure the right tolerances according to your needs. Take our services out for a test drive: send us your CAD files to see our fair pricing rate and fast speeds for yourself. Download Aluminum SGS pdf here.

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CNC Machining

Copper CNC Machining FAQs

  • What is copper CNC machining?

    Copper CNC machining involves using computer-controlled machines to shape, cut, and create precise parts from copper materials. It offers high precision and repeatability for various applications.

  • Why choose copper for CNC machining?

    Copper is valued for its excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal. It's commonly used in electronics, plumbing, decorative items, and more.

  • What types of copper alloys are suitable for CNC machining?

    Common copper alloys used for CNC machining include C101 (pure copper), C110 (ETP copper), C145 (Tellurium copper), and various brass alloys. The choice depends on desired properties and applications.

  • How do I prevent copper parts from tarnishing or oxidizing?

    Applying clear coatings, such as lacquer or epoxy, can help prevent oxidation and tarnishing. Additionally, choosing copper alloys with specific properties can improve corrosion resistance.

  • Is copper machining suitable for high-volume production?

    Copper machining can be suitable for high-volume production, but factors like tool wear, machining time, and cost-effectiveness should be considered. Efficiency can often be improved through optimized tooling and machining strategies.

  • How do I choose a reliable CNC machining service for copper parts?

    Look for experienced providers with a track record of working with copper. Consider factors like expertise, equipment capabilities, quality control, and customer reviews.


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