Case Study: Illini Electric Motorsports Hopes to Break the FSAE Record with Dadesin's Help

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The Formula SAE Electric competition challenges university teams to design, manufacture, test and compete an electric formula-style vehicle, Formula SAE bring teams from around the world together; and tests every team's creativity, engineering, and project management skills.

Who Is Illini Electric Motorsports?

Illini Electric Motorsports consists of more than 100 students from 4 colleges, over 7 majors. They have been racing Illini since 1979, fostering various teams specializing in combustion, hybrid, and fully electric vehicles.

Today, they are embarking on a new milestone in their history by merging Illini Motorsports with Illini Formula Electric, becoming a singular formula electric team. With a rich legacy and forty-four years of experience across different vehicle technologies, Illini Electric Motorsports, will continue the tradition of success and innovation.

The members are students from different major groups as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and Practical operation.The team must be made up entirely of active college students which required on available work hours, skill sets and experience. It’s not easy to balance the schoolwork and competition, which needs to put in much more time and energy. But no pains, no gains, hard work would pays off  in the competition, they enjoy this whole process from design to show their cars and compete with the students with same hobby from all over the world.

Why Illini Electric Motorsports choose to work with Dadesin

Our first reaching is in 2021, IEM found us on the internet and worked with their hubs, we analyze the feasibility of manufacturing and quickly provided a processing quotation, which made an impressive experience for them.

After the first pleasant cooperation, IEM ensure Dadesin is the manufacturer with excellent ability they’ve been looking for then decided to send the invitation to ask if DDS is willing to be the sponsor. As a company dedicated to CNC machining services, DDS is honored to be the sponsor of the IEM racing team and provide them with advanced machining technology support. The first batch is 5 sets for hubs, which is an important part to connect the wheel hub and the body. Its accuracy determines the reliability of the connection between the wheel and the body. Its strength and quality determine the stability and safety of the vehicle. In order to ensure the high precision, Dadesin processes them by 5 axis machine which with the advantage of time-saving which means there is no need to repeatedly clamp the parts during processing again and again. Garrett Valley found the parts turned out perfectly that means they have bigger advantage to break their record to get a better result!

“Huge thanks to DADESIN for their sponsorship and excellent machining to support our best vehicle yet!”    --Said Garrett Valley. Mechanical advisor of IEM

In this year, Dadesin as their old partner decide to accept the sponsor request. Except drive hubs, we have new task--- planet carrier, which is an important cnc machining component providing stable support for the planet wheels and ensures even load distribution between the planet wheels and uniform load distribution along the meshing tooth width. Moreover, planet carrier is also the part that withstands the largest external moment in the entire planet gear structure. It is the key to whether the car can perform safely and stably on the track.

Dadsin has professional team with more than 20 years experiences and 200 cnc machines for high precision request and strict lead time. With Dadesin’s help, IEM can test and adjust their parts in short time and more confident to achieve a better ranking in the next season!

Now everything is in an orderly preparation stage in IEM team, let’s wait and see!


IEM uses Dadesin to increase their competitive edge. With Dadesin, they can:

• Machining production parts by using Dadesin’s CNC Machining service

• Make high-precision car parts with narrow tolerances

• Source parts faster with Dadesin’s fast lead times

• Have more time to focus on their core competency: innovative car design

Dadesin is a golden sponsor of Illini Electric Motorsports. Please feel free to contact us if you want know more about IEM or Dadesin’s services.


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