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Precision and expertise are crucial during the prototyping and testing phase of automobile part production. This is why many companies turn to CNC machining factories for high-quality, precise parts. In our previous article, we introduced some common auto parts produced by CNC machining factories. However, the range of auto parts that can be produced using CNC technology goes far beyond those few examples. Today, we will delve even deeper into this topic and explore more intricate and specialized auto parts that are being produced by CNC machining factories.


The stator is a vital part of the alternator that generates electricity for the car's electrical systems. Without a properly functioning stator, the battery would not be recharged and the car's electrical components would not have sufficient power to operate. Our high-quality stators, manufactured using advanced technology, provide efficient and reliable performance to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Intermediate housing:

The intermediate housing is an essential component of a car's transmission system that helps to protect the gears and bearings inside it. This protective casing ensures that the transmission components do not become damaged by road debris or other hazards encountered during driving. Our precision-manufactured intermediate housings offer superior strength and durability, helping to extend the lifespan of your transmission system and ensure optimal performance.

Gearbox housing:

The gearbox housing is a critical protective casing for a car's gearbox. It helps to prevent contamination from dirt, dust and debris that could damage internal components of the gearbox. Our precision manufacturing process ensures that our gearbox housings deliver not only precise fit but also optimal protection for your gearbox.

Rear carrier:

The rear carrier is an integral part of a car's suspension system that supports the weight of the vehicle's rear end. This component plays a key role in maintaining vehicle stability and handling. Our technologically advanced manufacturing methods result in durable and reliable rear carriers, ensuring optimal support and stability for your vehicle.

Rear subframe:

The rear subframe is a crucial part of a car's chassis that supports the rear suspension. It helps to distribute the weight of the vehicle evenly and provides reinforcement for the suspension system. Our precision manufacturing process ensures that our rear subframes are designed to offer superior strength and durability.

Longitudinal beam:

The longitudinal beam is a structural element of a car's chassis that provides additional support and rigidity, improving the overall strength and stability of the vehicle. It also plays a key role in keeping the tires in optimal alignment, which helps to improve handling and reduce wear on the tire treads. Our manufacturing processes for longitudinal beams result in durable, strong, and precise parts, ensuring optimal vehicle performance and safety.

Wheel carrier:

The wheel carrier connects the wheel hub to the vehicle's chassis, playing a vital role in the suspension system. It helps to distribute forces evenly across the suspension components, providing optimal support and stability during braking and cornering. Our precision manufacturing process ensures that our wheel carriers are not only precise but also durable and reliable, delivering safe and stable handling no matter what the road conditions.

Hybrid battery case:

The hybrid battery case provides protection for a car's hybrid battery system from damage caused by road debris or other hazards. This protective casing helps to maintain the integrity of the battery system, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Our precision manufacturing process produces hybrid battery cases that offer optimal protection and durability, helping to ensure that your hybrid battery system remains in optimal condition and performs reliably.

Pouch cell:

The pouch cell is a crucial component of a car's battery system that provides energy storage. It plays a crucial part in powering the vehicle's electrical systems, including the starter motor, lights, and other accessories. Our advanced manufacturing methods produce pouch cells that offer optimal energy storage capacity and reliable performance, ensuring sufficient power to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


At Dadesin Precision, we take great pride in our ability to deliver top-quality automobile parts through the use of cutting-edge technology and precision manufacturing techniques. Our Grob GA550 five-axis machining center, which we imported from Germany, is one of the key factors enabling us to create parts with unparalleled accuracy and quality. As a trusted manufacturer serving multiple industries, we welcome clients in the R&D and testing phases to leverage our expertise for their automobile part needs. We are confident that our state-of-the-art machinery and skilled team will continue to provide exceptional quality parts to meet the needs of our cherished clients.


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