Understanding CNC Machining: Techniques and Processes

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CNC machining has recently gained a lot of popularity due to its benefits to the manufacturing industry. Do you know what technique this machinery uses for working and how the process is carried out? Here you can learn all about these techniques and processes.

CNC Machining technique.

The technique of CNC machines involves software-controlled equipment that spins at high speed and gets the excess material off from the main part. For the implementation of this technique, there are different.

  • Drilling bits
  • Lathes
  • Grinding bits
  • Turning mills

The process starts with removing the biggest bits and finishing with fine detailing. After the procedure is complete, we get the finished product.

Today multiple things are made with this technique, including epoxy products, smartphones, laptop bodies, wooden products, etc.

CNC machining 

CNC Machining process

The CNC machining process is very simple, and we have divided the whole process into 4 different parts. Remember that depending on the product being made, multiple steps could be involved in each step.

  1. Cutting off major excess material

The first part of this process includes getting off most excess material. Remember that whenever something is made with this procedure, it uses a solid block of material that could be wood, metal, etc. So, bigger drilling and grinding bits are used to cut most of the material off that block, making the rest of the manufacturing process quicker.

  1. Shaping with finer tools

Once that is done, the CNC machine switches its bits and moves toward the fining tools. Consider the example of making an iPhone chassis. In this process step, the CNC machine will give the metal block some shape with minor details. It also involves drilling and grinding through the material, depending on what you make.

  1. Giving finishing touches with the finest bit

It is the second last phase of the process, where you need to give some finishing touches to the material. Finishing touches involve using thinner drilling and grinding bits to achieve more details.

For example, this step may include drilling all the small buttonholes and speaker holes through the metal of the iPhone chassis. It is the step where most of the fine detailing is done, and the product is almost ready.

  1. Sanding or polishing

In some cases, the machine does this job, while some users opt for manual processes when it comes to sanding and polishing to get better at detailing. Sanding and polishing while CNC machining ensures the product is final and ready for the consumer. It is because it resolves any issues or blemishes from the final product.

CNC machining 

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